Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies (TAHRA)

Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies (TAHRA) 

Southwest HRA is a member of the Tennessee Association of Human Resource Agencies 
(TAHRA), a state-wide organization established to promote the efficient and effective delivery 
of human resource programs and services across the state of Tennessee. The association is 
formed by nine Human Resource Agencies, including SWHRA, delivering social services to 
all 95 counties in Tennessee. Each agency builds on the wealth of program knowledge and 
experience gained over our 35-year history to strengthen local support, improve relationships 
with funding sources and governing officials, and help people in need. With our established 
state-wide network and strong operating infrastructure, TAHRA is the best choice for delivering 
services to people in need throughout our state. Every day they help more Tennesseans become 
self-sufficient through the effective delivery of financial support, job training, transportation, 
nutritional services, and many other important social services to friends and neighbors in need. A 
proven track record delivering a broad selection of programs, and strong and experienced 
network of employees and volunteers, and cost-effective administrative structure make TAHRA 
your best choice to deliver hope to your community. Visit this association’s website at 
www.ideliverhope.com for more information. 

Where Are We?

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The Tennessee General Assembly established Southwest Human Resource Agency (SWHRA) in 1973 as one of nine Human Resource Agencies deemed to be the delivery system for human services throughout the state of Tennessee. SWHRA is a public non-profit agency that serves an eight county region including Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, McNairy and Madison counties...

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