SWHRA Governing Board


Chester County

  • Dwain Seaton, Chester County Mayor
  • Robert W. King, Henderson City Mayor
  • Patrick Mooney, Enville City Mayor
  • Lovies Barham

Decatur County

  • Mike Creasy, Decatur County Mayor
  • Tim David Boaz, Parsons City Mayor
  • Jerry Buchanan, Decaturville City Mayor
  • Terry Duke

Hardeman County

  • Jimmy Sain, Hardeman County Mayor
  • James Beller, Whiteville City Mayor
  • Barrett Stevens, Bolivar City Mayor
  • Joe Jones, Toone City Mayor
  • Mack Carter, Hornsby City Mayor
  • Jackie Cox, Middleton City Mayor
  • Bill Mayfield, Silerton City Mayor
  • Jim Daniel, Saulsbury City Mayor Curtis Lane, Grand Junction City Mayor
  • Richard Ayers, Hickory Valley City Mayor

Hardin County

  • Kevin Davis, Hardin County Mayor
  • Robert Shutt, Savannah City Mayor
  • Larry Lowery, Saltillo City Mayor
  • Glen Spencer, Crump City Mayor
  • Dannie Kennedy, Milledgeville City Mayor
  • Sharon Blackwelder

Haywood County

  • Franklin Smith, Haywood County Mayor
  • Bill Rawls, Brownsville City Mayor
  • Alan Sterbinsky, Stanton City Mayor
  • Goldie Harwell

Henderson County

  • Dan Hughes, Henderson County Mayor
  • David Jowers, Lexington City Mayor
  • Joe Ross, Sardis City Mayor
  • Kenneth Kizer, Parkers Crossroads City Mayor
  • Jessie Powers, Scotts Hill City Mayor
  • Bettina Webb

Madison County

  • Jimmy Harris, Madison County Mayor
  • Jerry Gist, Jackson City Mayor
  • Michael Austin, Medon City Mayor
  • James Hill, Three Way City Mayor
  • Representative Jimmy Eldridge
  • Senator Lowe Finney
  • Katie Y. Brantley

McNairy County

  • Ronnie Brooks, McNairy County Mayor
  • John Smith, Selmer City Mayor
  • Robert Heathcock, Finger City Mayor
  • George Armstrong, Ramer City Mayor
  • Larry Raines, Stantonville City Mayor
  • Anthony Smith, Michie City Mayor
  • David Leckner, Adamsville City Mayor
  • Keith Rinehart, Guys City Mayor
  • Kay Cox, Bethel Springs City Mayor
  • Jessie Robbins, Eastview City Mayor
  • Preston King

Where Are We?

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The Tennessee General Assembly established Southwest Human Resource Agency (SWHRA) in 1973 as one of nine Human Resource Agencies deemed to be the delivery system for human services throughout the state of Tennessee. SWHRA is a public non-profit agency that serves an eight county region including Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, McNairy and Madison counties...

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