Policy Council

Policy Council FY 2019

Chester County

Barry Hutcherson - Chester County Mayor      
Lovies Barham      
Keith Frye      

Decatur County

Mike Creasy, Chairman - Decatur Co Mayor      
Rita Moore      
Cherrie Poole      

Hardeman County

Jimmy Sain - Hardeman Co Mayor      
Bobby Doyle      
Major Wilburn

Hardin County

Kevin Davis, Sec/Treasurer - Hardin Co Mayor      
Marilyn White      

Haywood County

David Livinggston - Haywood Co Mayor      
Jean Carney      
Joyce Pirtle      

Henderson County

Eddie Bray - Henderson Co Mayor      
Gracie Timberlake      
Samuel Timberlake      

Madison County

Jimmy Harris, Vice Chairman - Madison Co Mayor      
Jerry Gist - Jackson City Mayor      
Vernell Anderson      
Barbara Johnson      
Charles Adams      
Anita Brooks      

McNairy County

Larry Smith - McNairy Co Mayor      
Jean Jones      
Steve Sweat      

Where Are We?

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The Tennessee General Assembly established Southwest Human Resource Agency (SWHRA) in 1973 as one of nine Human Resource Agencies deemed to be the delivery system for human services throughout the state of Tennessee. SWHRA is a public non-profit agency that serves an eight county region including Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, McNairy and Madison counties...

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