Rural Public Transportation

The Rural Public Transportation system is designed to benefit the entire community including elderly, preschoolers, dialysis patients, and disabled. Vital transportation services are provided to the rural areas of Southwest Tennessee, linking these residents to doctors, grocery stores, employment, senior citizen centers, and recreation. Medical trips are provided to Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville.

Contracted Senior Citizen Center Routes: $1.00 per trip/per passenger ($0.50 one way), $0.25 each additional scheduled stop made during the same trip.
Local Daily Routes: $6.00 per trip/per passenger within the same county of residence ($3.00 one-way).
$10.00 per trip/per passenger to travel out of the county of residence, but still in our 8-county service area ($5.00 one way)
Trip to Other Cities
Outside of our Service Area,
But in the West Tennessee Region
$20.00 per passenger round trip ($10.00 one way)

TennCare Transportation

TennCare Transportation is approved by the TennCare Bureau.  This agency must provide referrals to SWHRA Transportation prior to service.  TennCare pays for trips to the doctor, drug store, and other medical services.  All transportation stops must be approved and documented on the manifest sent by TennCare.  If a TennCare Passenger needs transportation to other destinations not approved by the TennCare Transportation Agency, the passenger must pay the trip fare.

To schedule TennCare Transportation, you must contact your provider at one of the following:

BlueCare 1-866-473-7564
TNCare Select 1-866-473-7565
AmeriChoice 1-866-405-0238

Please have the following information ready when you call TennCare:  full name, social security number, date of birth, home address, and phone number of the person needing transportation.  Also, the name, address, and telephone number of the physician, and the time and date of the appointment.

To Schedule a Trip

ALL trips and stops must be scheduled at least 48 hours PRIOR to the day of your trip, by calling: 1-800-372-6013 or 731-989-0267.

Please have the following information available when call:

– Your name
– Date of birth
– Phone number where you can be reached
– The date and time of your trip
– Name and address of your destination