WIA Program Profile: On-the-Job Training

On-the Job Training (OJT) is a program available to youth and adults, including dis- located workers. It is a training activity con- ducted by a private, private non-profit or public sector employers that occurs while an individual is engaged in productive work. The individual learns the necessary skills and information for full and adequate employment performance.

The program is directed at employers who are able to provide occupational skill training and full-time employment that leads to self-sufficiency for the participant. OJT employers must agree first to hire and then to train eligible WIA participants. Reimbursement of up to 50% of the wage rate is provided to OJT employers to compensate for the extraordinary costs of training. Extraordinary costs are those associated with training with training and additional supervision.

Despite the benefits accruing to employers who participate as OJT employers, the focus of the OJT program is the participant. OJT, first and foremost, is designed to provide participants an opportunity to receive the training necessary to acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to maintain self-sufficient employment and compete for job advancement.

Currently there are eight OJT contracts that are active in WIA Area-11. Contracts that are active include: Agape Family Healthcare Clinic, Armstrong Hardwood Floor- ing Co., BlueScope Building North America, Inc., Chester Co. Highway Dept., Eye Care Group, H & H Services, Tim Ferguson Plumbing, and Wisper, LLC. Within these contracts WIA is serving approximately 50 participants.


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